From the days of artisanal fishing together with Moixonet (a retired fisherman from a small Mediterranean village) and from the shoes that he always wore, the traditional navy blue “camping” shoe with a hole in the big toe and faded from years of use, was born the idea of reinventing this classic footwear worn by our elders.
Brought up to date by adding high-quality fabrics and designs based on the Mediterranean lifestyle, they can be worn on any occasion Fleeing from the pigeonholes of urban sports shoes and dress shoes, and a far cry from flip-flops, we seek the comfort of the sporty
merged with the elegance of traditional shoes. And thus we created a new category: Sandshoes – shoes made to enjoy the finer moments in life – fun, colorful, elegant, practical and designed for people who really know how to appreciate it.
The collections available this summer try to understand the peculiarities of the human being and send us very evocative messages from all over the Mediterranean.

Design, modernity, elegance, tradition and comfort are how we view luxury.
Our team that comprises the company comes from diverse sectors, including surf, footwear, music, and fashion, but we have come together for something that bonds us all – our passion to preserve this time-honored, handcrafted shoe worn by our elders in Spain.